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Please note that wako allows you to view information, however you can not actually watch the Movies or TV Show episodes within the app.

Search for Movies & TV Shows

Search for Movies and TV Shows and access to their information.

View your Movie and TV Shows watched list.

Keep a Watch List of Movies and TV Shows to watch.

Watch Movies & TV Shows

Watch Movies and TV Shows on your favorite streaming platform (Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google....) via Watchnow Add-on.

Watch trailer.

Mark Movies and TV Shows as watched.

Up next to watch

Keep track of which episodes to watch next.

Get notified about upcoming Episodes.

Stream from anywhere

Browse and play videos stored on your cloud server or cloud services

Plus, when you add videos from multiple sources they can all be displayed neatly together in one central library.

Kodi remote control

Control thanks to its built-in remote control.

Videos will automatically be marked as watched.

Explore lists

Explore lists of Popular Movies & TV Shows created by other users.
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